Vol. 3 No. 2 2000


From the Editors


Guest Editorials

Health Sector Reform Measures: Are They Working? … And Where Do We Go From Here?

Claudio Schuftan and Goran Dahlgren


Population Growth - Fertility, Health, and Poverty

N.S. Deodhar



Women's Knowledge and Attitudes regarding HIV/STDs and Contraception in Portsmouth, Dominica: A Qualitative Study of Women and their Sexual Decision-making

Michelle E. Elisburg


Family Planning Choice Behavior of Women in Slums in Bangladesh: A Discriminant Analysis

Mati Ur Rahman


Can Medicine-sellers in Pharmacies of urban Bangladesh meet the needs of Clients with STD?

Saifur Rahman, Mohsin U. Ahmed and Barket-e-Khuda


Reproductive Health and Adolescent School Students in Kabarole District, Western Uganda: A Qualitative Study

Bannet Ndyanabangi and Walter Kipp


Health-seeking Behavior in Urban Delhi: An Exploratory Study

Indrani Gupta and Purnamita Dasgupta


Proximate Correlates of Infant Mortality in Maharashtra: Experience of a Developed State in India

Anjali Radkar and Sanjeevanee Mulay


Strategies for Private Sector Participation in Child Healthcare: A Meta Analysis of Empirical Findings

Suneeta Sharma


Book Reviews

Family Planning Operations Research: A Book of Readings

Kerry E. Kilpatrick


The Lugano Report: On Preserving Capitalism in the Twenty-first Century

Claudio Schuftan


Finding the Solutions to Fit the Problem: Twenty Years of Aid to the Sahel

David Rykken


Global Health Law: Proceedings, Selected Papers, and Recommendations Presented at the Inter-disciplinary International Conference on Global Health Law

Dean M. Harris


World Health & Population





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