Longwoods eLetter August 21, 2007

Longwoods eLetter August 21, 2007
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"I seem to be forgetting things lately. My memory used to be excellent - at least that's how I remember it - and my (very) long-term memory remains pretty good. . .  This seems to be the common experience of aging, just part of the general decay (a.k.a. golden years). My mother-in-law referred to it as "CRAFT." Robert Evans, our own undisciplined economist, writes about Plastic Brains


First Nations should sue Health Canada to get the health care they have a right to!
The editors of CMAJ endorse what is called "Jordan's Principle" -- putting the medical needs of First Nations' children first. They also make this recommendation: that if the provincial, territorial and federal governments ignore Jordan's Principle and entangle themselves in financial or jurisdictional battles first, then governments deserve to be sued, in the most winnable test case that First Nations' advocates can manage. Let the courts decide, if the bureaucrats and politicians continue to refuse to find a timely resolution. Click here: Jordan's Principle, governments' paralysis.

Sometimes I just shake my head in disbelief. Not since its inception over 40 years ago has Medicare been so threatened.
Linda Silas recommends you read these conversations with: Allan Blakeney, Monique Bégin, Kathleen Connors, Shirley Douglas, Tom Kent, Roy Romanow, Dr. Hugh Scully, Evelyn Shapiro and Sharon Sholzberg-Gray. Download PDF

What’s your definition:
See the quote at the top of this eLetter and tell me a) what Robert Evans’ mother-in-law meant to say and b) what else you think it could mean. The top 20 responses will get a free online subscription to the journal Healthcare Policy. Write the publisher.

Ten+ papers covering ideas, plans, programs and policies about pharmaceuticals and care. A sampling of resources from the Longwoods Library.  Plus, just published: Influencing Drug Prices through Formulary-Based Policies by Steve Morgan, Gillian Hanley, Meghan McMahon, Morris Barer.

The Commonwealth Fund's State Scorecard: How Will States Translate the Findings into Action?

CIHR’s Partnerships for Health System Improvement (PHSI) program supports teams of researchers and decision makers interested in conducting applied health research. Details here: CIHR strives to improve the PHSI program on an on going basis

Listening for Direction III aimed to uncover emerging short- and longer- term priority issues, from which related research and synthesis themes and questions would later be developed to inform the research agenda of Canadian health research agencies. Listening for Direction III: A national consultation on health services and policy issues

The Canada-China Norman Bethune Health Research Scholarships Program will offer up to 30 scholarships annually to top students from China to pursue PhDs at Canadian universities and their affiliated institutions

What Americans Living in Canada Think of the Canadian and American Health Care Systems Steven Lewis, Danielle A Southern, Colleen J Maxwell, James A Dunn, Tom W Noseworthy, William A Ghali. Abstract PDF HTML

Saskatchewan’s Health Quality Council Annual Report Now Available

More than half of people who donate an organ do so while still alive. CIHI.ca

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Question: After having watched the last documentary produced by Michael Moore, Mr. Rioux, a Montréal resident, is worried that the Castonguay Commission will lead to a two-tier health care system. Answer: Mr. Charest replies here.  Visionnez la réponse

Nurses Know What's Right: A Focus on Front Line Nursing
Salaries and Other Compensation for Healthcare Workers in Canada


November 5, 6 & 7, 2007. Toronto, Ontario. Visit www.ohahealthachieve.com

A photo review of HealthAchieve 2006 (PDF): see what you can experience in 2007.

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Healthcare Quarterly
CIHR Research: Addressing the Effects of Adverse Events: Study Provides
Insights into Patient Safety at Canadian Hospitals
Dr. G. Ross Baker and Dr. Peter Norton

In Pursuit of a Safe Canadian Healthcare System
Matthew W. Morgan

Nursing Leadership
Patient Safety: Is It Just Another Bandwagon?
Janet L. Storch

Healthcare Policy
Knowledge Translation and Patient Safety: The Canadian Adverse Events Study
G. Ross Baker, Peter Norton and Virginia Flintoft

Electronic Healthcare
Recognizing the Importance of Proactive Reporting at a Large Urban Teaching Hospital
Hannah Louie and Anita Tepfers

World Health and Population
A Pilot Study to Evaluate Malaria Control Strategies in Ogun State, Nigeria
A.K. Adeneye, A.S. Jegede, M.A. Mafe, E.E. Nwokocha


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Need to Ask an Expert?
A feature presented by Longwoods Publishing in collaboration with a pool of leading experts in the design and management of healthcare organizations.

Question: How is the 'sharing' of system governance and management responsibilities evolving in Canada?

Response: Circumstances and political sensitivities can push both governance and management accountabilities in different directions. The lack of territorial definition or fluidity should not be seen as a problem since it is characteristic of a complex system - the health system being a primary example.  … click here

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Nursing Leadership - Covering politics, policy, theory and innovations that contribute to nursing leadership. Only $9 per article or an annual subscription for $95.

Nursing Research

A Survey of Oncology Advanced Practice Nurses in Ontario: Profile and Predictors of Job Satisfaction
Denise Bryant-Lukosius, Esther Green, Margaret Fitch, Gail Macartney, Linda Robb-Blenderman, Sandra McFarlane, Kwadwo Bosompra, Alba DiCenso, Susan Matthews, Harry Milne

New Strategies for Monitoring the Health of Canadian Nurses: Results of Collaborations with Key Stakeholders
Michael S. Kerr, Heather K. Spence Laschinger, Colette N. Severin, Joan M. Almost, Judith Shamian

Processes of Care: Comparison between Nurse Practitioners and Physician Residents in Acute Care
Souraya Sidani, Diane Doran, Heather Porter, Sandra LeFort, Linda Lee O'Brien-Pallas, Catherine Zahn, Heather Laschinger and Sonia Sarkissian

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To see some photo archives click here. To see our video archives click here. Thank you for your support. We are now planning a new season starting in September ’07.

Our most recent Breakfast with the Chiefs: One hundred and fifty Chiefs and aspiring chiefs heard Matt Anderson as interviewer in the second of a series of discussions with Richard Alvarez. We heard about IT’s last frontier – healthcare; Infoway’s new strategic plan – soon to be out; Infoway’s criteria for future spending; consumerism – coming on like a tsunami; the committed role of employers and patient portals; Google’s drive to serving the health sector – as only Google can; regional EMRs; Infoway’s strategy for better uptake by physicians and the importance of demonstrations of technology that works. Stay tuned – the next interviews will be in Montreal and one of Alberta’s academic health sciences centres.


September 10-11, 2007: London, ON  Culture & Diversity Conference. Topics include  "Celebrating Cultural diversity as a core value that influences organizational culture",  "The Impact of Internationally Educated Nurses" and "Developing cultural competence in the hospital setting."   Day 2 -  RNAO Centre for Excellence will present the RNAO BPG Embracing Cultural diversity in the workplace will provide an opportunity to generate initiatives and strategies.  For more information contact Debra McAuslan

September 13 - 14, 2007: Edmonton, AB, Leaders in Rehabilitation: The Perfect Storm. In partnership, Capital Health, Calgary Health Region and the University of Alberta – Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, are pleased to announce the 3rd annual Leaders in Rehabilitation Conference. Join us for an in-depth look at workforce sustainability, knowledge transfer, and consumer integration in decision making as it relates to the future face of healthcare in rehabilitation. This forum will bring together rehabilitation leaders from across all disciplines. For details click here.

October 15, 2007: Richmond Hill, ON. Supportive Housing: The Winning Formula for Supporting People and Sustaining the Health Care System. Presented by the Canadian Research Network for Care in the Community (CRNCC) and the Ontario Community Support Association (OCSA), this symposium focuses on the crucial role that supportive housing plays in maintaining the health, well-being, independence and quality of life of individuals. For details click here.

October 19, 2007: Toronto, ON. Enhancing Cognition in Older Adults: Connecting Research and Clinical Care. Get updated on recent advances in cognitive difficulties faced by older adults, as well as pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic approaches to treatment. The conference includes morning lectures led by internationally recognized leaders in cognitive and neural aging, and afternoon workshops led by scientists and scientist-clinicians focusing on specific issues related to cognitive rehabilitation of older adults. For details click here.

October 24, 2007: London, ON. LHSC Patient Safety Conference. The conference will be of interest to administrative leaders, professional practice leaders, frontline staff and physicians. Objectives include enhancing awareness of national strategies; learning about Patient WalkRoundsTM as a strategy to advance culture change; gaining insight from the family’s perspective; and championing safe patient care for every patient every day. For more information please email heni.dykstra@lhsc.on.ca.

October 30, 2007: Ottawa, ON. Consumer Health Informatics Conference. This conference focuses on the technical, social, ethical and professional issues arising from consumer empowerment using information technology. For details click here.

November 2, 2007, Toronto, ON Showcasing Evidence-Based Social Work Practice in Health and Long-Term Care. Presented by Baycrest Social Work Department and the Katz Centre for Gerontological - The Walter Lyons Memorial Social Work Clinic Day. The morning program will be telecast to remote parts of Ontario. Afternoon workshops facilitated by social work clinicians and health care professionals who have expertise in evidence-based practice. Enquiries: 416-785-2500 ext. 2363 or e-mail Paula Ferreira

For our complete list of conferences and events go here.

Ontario Hospital Association conferences www.OHA.com/conferences

Registered Nurses Association of Ontario conferences click here.

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Sue Denomy to acting president and CEO of Bluewater Health in Sarnia [ON]
Dr. Martin Lees
to Interim Chief of Staff at Bluewater Health in Sarnia [ON]
Shannon MacDonald
to National HealthCare Leader, Deloitte
Chad Hanna
to President and CEO of the Rouge Valley Health System Foundation (ON) – a correction
Ruth MacKenzie
to President, Volunteer Canada
Dr. Taylor Alexander
to Chief Executive Officer, The Canadian Mental Health Association
Kris Bailey
to Executive Director, CritiCall Ontario
Tim Gerke
to Interim Chief Executive Officer, Deep River and District Hospital
Brad McKay
to Chief Executive Officer, Healthcare Food Services
Michael Power
to Vice President Privacy and Security, Smart Systems for Health Agency (ON)
Dr. Brendan Carr
to interim Vice-President, Medicine, at Capital Health, Halifax (NS)
Dr. Judy Kazimirski
to retire from Capital Health (Vice-President, Medicine), Halifax (NS) on Aug. 31.07
Sharon Watts to President and Chief Executive Officer of the Hazardous Materials Information Review Commission (HMIRC)

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CAREERS: sent to +40,000 people including Canada’s student nurses.

Leader of Quality, Patient Relations & Policy - Lakeridge Health, Oshawa, ON
Pharmacy Director, St. Joseph’s Health Centre, Toronto, ON
Vice-President/Chief Nursing Officer - Grace Hospital, Winnipeg, MB
Consultant, Health System Governance - OHA, Toronto, ON
Vice-President - North York General Hospital, Toronto, ON
Chief Executive Officer - Thames Valley Family Health Team, London, ON
Program Consultant, PMO - CIHI
VP Patient Services - Humber River Regional Hospital, Toronto, ON
VP, Human Resources Services - Regina Qu'appelle Health Region, SK
Director - Health Match BC, Vancouver, BC
Regional Vice President, Operations - BC Healthcare, Vancouver, BC
Student Nurse Burseries - Northwest Territories Health and Social Services
Career Opportunities at Courtyard Group
Career Opportunities at Northern Lights Health Region
Career Opportunities in the Northwest Territories
Career Opportunities at Hamilton Health Sciences
Career Opportunities at Capital Health Edmonton
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