November 29, 2023

Leslee Thompson asks "It Is Time for Health Quality 5.0: Are You Ready?"

"This is a time to act decisively (but not hastily) to tackle the vulnerabilities of health systems and make them more resilient, while ensuring that the choices we make have a positive impact on the lives of every individual and community. Elevating quality as the priority in health planning, policy and practice is key to securing changes that can deliver on new imperatives and long-neglected needs. " Full article in Healthcare Quarterly 26.3 


Tuesday, December 12, 2023  - Toronto, ON Longwoods Breakfast Series

"You Can’t Recruit Your Way Out of a Crisis”: Why Retention is Critical to Today’s Health Workforce Challenges in the Context of a Global Nursing Shortage

Leigh Chapman, Chief Nursing Officer, Health Canada, Tim Guest, CEO, Canadian Nurses Association and Carly Weeks, Health Reporter, The Globe and Mail

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Healthcare Policy Vol. 19, Special Issue | Connecting Health and Social Services for Patients with Complex Care Needs
Patient Partners Respond to High-Level Findings on the Connectedness of Health and Social Services across Canada
HealthcarePapers Vol. 21, No. 3, 2023 | Anti-Black Racism in the Canadian Healthcare System
The Failure to Address Systemic Anti-Black Racism Perpetuates It



Nov 30, 2023 Health & Healthcare News
$480M proposed class action lawsuit filed against 5 Ontario hospitals hit by ransomware attack

2023-11-30 from A $480-million proposed class action lawsuit has been filed against the five Ontario hospitals hit by a recent ransomware attack — and the IT company that services them. [...]

Nov 30, 2023 Health & Healthcare News
988 suicide crisis helpline launches across Canada

2023-11-30 from Canada's 988 hotline, which gives people access to suicide prevention services via call or text, went live on Thursday. People in every province and territory who are exp [...]

Nov 30, 2023 Health & Healthcare News
The launch of 9-8-8 is a major milestone for mental health in Canada

The holiday season is a busy time for many of us, and CAMH is no [...]

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Identifying and addressing clients' and families' most pressing social determinants of health needs are integral to quality healthcare. Healthcare leaders and front-line clinicians have long recognized the connection between unmet essential resource needs, such as food, housing and transportation and health outcomes. As a component of broader organizational efforts to improve equitable access to services, a social needs screening (SNS) initiative was introduced, along with a Family Navigation Hu [...]



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