January 20, 2020

Value in Healthcare and the Role of the Patient Voice from the Institute of Management and Department EMbeDS, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

The system adopted in Tuscany provides a useful model for other systems seeking to increase representation of the patient voice in performance management. Critical factors in successful implementation include consistent clinical ownership and rapid presentation of results, whereas greater value would be derived from the model if accessible at the patient level.


Call for Submissions: The Ted Freedman Award for Innovation in Education

Longwoods Publishing, in cooperation with the Canadian Association for Health Services and Policy Research (CAHSPR), presents this award yearly. A representative from the winning organization will be recognized during the 2020 CAHSPR Conference.

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Deadline is 5 pm Friday, February 28, 2020.

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Value in Healthcare and the Role of the Patient Voice



Jan 21, 2020 Health & Healthcare News
Tireless pressure from ONA results in several Occupational Health and Safety Act charges laid against Southlake Regional Health Centre

TORONTO, Jan. 20, 2020 /CNW/ - After nearly one year of the Ontario Nurses' Association (ONA) calling for action, charges against Southlake Regional Health Centre have finally been laid for a critical [...]

Jan 21, 2020 Health & Healthcare News
McMaster physicists develop ‘Super-human’ red blood cells could revolutionize drug delivery

2020-01-21 from A team of physicists has developed a process to modify red blood cells to create ‘super-human’ cells that distribute drugs throughout the [...]

Jan 21, 2020 Health & Healthcare News
Government of Canada announces funding to help LGBTQI2S+ young adults stop smoking

University of Toronto's All Together Now! project will work with LGBTQI2S+ communities to offer tailored support TORONTO, Jan. 21, 2020 /CNW/ - Tobacco use is the leading preventa [...]

Editor's Picks

Editors Picks

The exponential rise in healthcare costs in developed nations has sharpened the need for greater "value" in healthcare. Porter's (2010) seminal work is one of the most cited definitions and equation for value-based care. The pursuit of greater value in our healthcare system is of paramount importance, yet translating value-based healthcare (VBHC) into a framework that can be effectively utilized in the Canadian system remains a challenge. To address this challenge, we propose that VBHC [...]