June 23, 2022

AMS Healthcare Welcomes Helen Angus as CEO

The Board of Directors of AMS Healthcare is pleased to announce the appointment of Helen Angus as Chief Executive Officer effective July 1, 2022. Ms Angus has had a distinguished 30-year career in the public service, leading complex organizations, and inspiring others to drive systems-level change. From 2018 – 2021 she was Deputy Minister in the Ontario Ministry of Health, where she helmed Ontario’s initial health response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Building Post Pandemic Resilience in Healthcare: Nurses’ Perspectives

A limited podcast series on nursing during a pandemic. Conversations with health leaders and researchers hosted by Kathleen MacMillan – a nurse leader with 50 + years in clinical practice, academia, administration and policy. Hear from

  • Anne Snowden
  • Linda Silas
  • Pat Armstrong
  • Mike Villeneuve
  • Irene Andress
  • Lynn Nagle

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Jun 27, 2022 Health & Healthcare News
New health centre in northwestern Ontario aims to shore up rural healthcare in the region

2022-06-27 from Two healthcare organizations in northwestern Ontario are teaming up to improve care for people in rural areas around Thunder Bay. Evergreen Pharmacy and NorWest Community Heal [...]

Jun 27, 2022 Health & Healthcare News
Government of Canada Invests More than $221 Million to Support Canadians Living in Long-Term Care in Quebec

MONTREAL, June 27, 2022  /CNW/ -  As we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, we must address the existing challenges that were made worse for many people in Canada, includ [...]

Jun 27, 2022 Health & Healthcare News
'Abortion is healthcare': Canadians protest the Roe v. Wade reversal in U.S., but advocates reveal where Canada is failing

2022-06-27 From The weekend was filled with Canadians protesting the Roe v. Wade reversal in the U.S., and local advocates want more acton for sexual and reproductive health rights in Canad [...]

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Editors Picks

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research – Institute of Health Services and Policy Research's (IHSPR's) Strategic Plan 2021–2026: Accelerate Health Care System Transformation through Research to Achieve the Quadruple Aim and Health Equity for All (CIHR IHSPR 2021) outlines the Institute's key priority areas for investment and activity over the next five years. IHSPR used an evidence-informed strategic planning process that was pan-Canadian in scope and designed to elicit the health [...]