The Power of Partnership: Collaboration for Patient Safety Transformation in Canada

Chris Power, CEO, Canadian Patient Safety institute

The Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) convened a National Patient Safety Consortium to deliver a pan-Canadian patient safety action plan in an effort to drive real change in patient safety. It could not succeed if it were seen to be simply one organization’s agenda, it required commitment from more than 40 organizations, governments, professional and patient groups. 

These collaborations on Canada’s patient safety priorities evolved into CPSI’s bold new mandate and strategic plan for 2018-2023: Patient Safety Right Now. This new approach promises to help lead systems strategies by demonstrating what works in patient safety and strengthening commitment to safer healthcare across the country. 


CFHILBCGCPSIHealthProHIROC and Women's College Hospital

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Women's College Hospital Auditorium, 76 Grenville Street , Toronto, ON, Canada

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