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I’ve realized the greatest reward comes from helping people know how good they areSister Elizabeth Davis shares her thoughts and personal insights on the ever-changing world of healthcare.


Reality Therapy for Healthcare Leaders by Ted Ball

Off the Cuff

It is International Women’s Day. Longwoods invites you revisit our interviews with three of the most interesting women in healthcare: Sister Elizabeth Davis, Shirlee Sharkey and Vicki Kaminski

And History was Made
Ten years ago (2001) the government in Ontario was facing public concerns over waiting lists for radiation therapy and the ability of the system to meet the growing need for cancer services of all kinds. Tony Clement, then Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, appointed Alan Hudson to Chair the Cancer Services Implementation Committee. His report was tabled in December 2001. He recommended “logical and doable next steps to improve the integration and coordination of cancer care in Ontario.” And history was made. Here is the report: Report of the Cancer Services Implementation Committee.

You are invited to submit abstracts for new material focused on Child Health Special Issue #3. We are looking for a particular emphasis on quality and service improvements with measurable results; new models of care that have improved access, quality and  outcomes; local, provincial or national initiatives aimed at quality, standards or outcomes; system integration improvements, organizational improvements that align strategy with outcomes; a call for action to remove barriers at the policy level that interfere with child health access. Mary Jo Haddad, Editor in Chief. More here.

Ask an Expert – A feature presented by Longwoods Publishing in collaboration with a pool of leading experts in the design and management of healthcare organizations. Go for it. You can ask online – anonymously. Check out the answer a few days later. Answers may be featured in the Longwoods eLetter – authors of the question will not be identified.

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Here are the Longwoods files on Medication Reconciliation

UHN gets into bed with Sleep Country

Sleep Country has partnered with the University Health Network to create the Center for Sleep Health. Sleep Country Canada mattresses are utilized alongside state-of-the-art equipment to help research, diagnose and treat both common and rare sleep disorders.

Our two best-selling titles:

Lessons Learned in changing healthcare… and how we learned them Edited by Paul Batalden. Introduction: Moving Forward Together through Reflection and Sharing by Paul Batalden

High Performing Healthcare Systems: Delivering Quality By Design by G. Ross Baker, Anu MacIntosh-Murray, Christina Porcellato, Lynn Dionne, Kim Stelmacovich and Karen Born. Foreword by Adalsteinn Brown

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Breakfast with the Chiefs

Wednesday, March 23, 2011
Saäd Rafi, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, and
Steven Lewis, health policy and research consultant based in Saskatoon, and Adjunct Professor of Health Policy at the University of Calgary and Simon Fraser University.
Topic: Can Economics Compete with Politics in Ontario’s healthcare system?
Location: Mount Sinai Hospital, Ben Sadowski Auditorium, 18th Floor, 600 University Avenue, Toronto, ON
Sponsors: Accenture, PricewaterhouseCoopers and sanofi aventis
Register here

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Richard C. Alvarez, President and Chief Executive Officer of Canada Health Infoway, and
Dr. Jennifer Zelmer, Senior Vice President, Clinical Adoption and Innovation at Canada Health Infoway.
Topic: Checking the rear view mirror . . .
Location: Mount Sinai Hospital, Ben Sadowski Auditorium, 18th Floor, 600 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Sponsors: Accenture, Cerner and GE
Register here

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  • Dr. Stephen Duckett – May 2011
  • Dr. Robert Howard, President and CEO, St. Michael’s Hospital – June 2011
  • Dr. Robert Bell, Dr. Mary Ferguson-Paré and Sholom Glouberman – September 2011

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March 9, 2011: Webcast. Why Today’s Health Care Leaders Must Embrace Social Media
March 17, 2011: Toronto, ON. Understanding our Healthcare System: Essentials for Emerging Leaders
March 20, 2011-November 24, 2011. Multiple Locations. Physician Management Institute leadership development program
March 24 & 25, 2011: Toronto, ON. Nursing Leadership Network of Ontario 2011 Conference
April 4-5, 2011: Toronto, ON. Healthcare Management Forum: Process Improvement and Operational Excellence
April 6, 2011: Toronto, ON. At the Crossroads of Sex, Aging & Cognition
April 7, 2011: Toronto, ON. Masters Certificate in Integrated Health Leadership
April 13, 2011: Ottawa, ON. Accessibility Conference: Making Your Workplace Accessible…Practical Tips, Tools, and Applications
May 4-5, 2011: Markham, ON. Ontario Gerontology Association, 30th Annual Conference
May 24-27, 2011: Toronto, ON. Dorothy Wylie Nursing and Health Leaders Institute
May 25-27, 2011: Muskoka, ON. First Annual National Nursing Executives Summit
June 9-10, 2011: Toronto, ON. Physician Leadership Summit

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Transitions and Awards

Joan Lesmond recognized as 2011 Woman of Distinction in Health Leadership by the YWCA
Sarah Kramer to Executive Director (Consultant) UCLA Health Systems California
Thomas Corcoran to Chair, the Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council, ON
Deborah Giampietri to the board of the Council of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.
William J. Cornet to the Council of the Ontario College of Pharmacists
Chris Carson to Chief of Staff, Deb Matthews, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, ON

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