ElectronicHealthcare 2(2) May 2003 : 31-35

Strategic Operations: The New Method for Marrying Strategic and Operational Silos, Utilizing expert system technology to improve resource allocation and cost-effectiveness

Michael J. McCartney, Stephen M. Manna and Elizabeth J. McCartney


What a hospital board plans to do through strategic retreats is often considerably different from what happens at the operational level. The daily pressures of fighting fires - labour contract changes, increased pressure from overflowing emergency rooms, nursing shortages, increased drug costs and a host of other unexpected changes - mean that operational management is most usually focused on dealing with ever-changing management pressures. Time is very limited by these issues, so strategic plans are difficult to operationalize in this milieu.

The authors propose a new approach to assist healthcare management to marry strategic thinking with operational processes. This new method of strategic operations using expert system software overcomes the issues created by traditional operational silos and provides a radical new approach to healthcare management. This new approach is so nimble and responsive that it can even be used in the midst of daily fire-fighting to take into account changes as they occur. The result is a strategic operations process that is revolutionizing healthcare management.



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