ElectronicHealthcare 1(3) May 2002 : 58-58

Dipen Kalaria's Favourite Websites

Dipen Kalaria


Dipen Kalaria is Director, Internet Pharmacy Services at Pharmacy.ca. Every day he uses the Internet for research and pharmacy e-commerce. For him the Internet is a tool for connecting with a broad range of clients including patients, physicians and clinical trials administrators. He offers these favourite websites.
Because it provides a comprehensive source of health providers and associations for particular causes with a Canadian perspective.

Because it has very current updates on ongoing clinical trials especially when they can significantly affect the mortality or morbidity of patients. These often turn into alerts by Health Canada.

Because it has a very efficient newsletter service that enables you to scan recent journal articles from specific areas you choose. It also provides a very in-depth list of international conferences and press releases.

Because it lists many valuable causes and many different ways to get involved in your community. There are opportunities to do regular volunteer work as well as chances to participate on single occasions allowing for variations in your schedule.

Because it provides a compact drug monograph on thousands of medications in one place. It also has comprehensive news and information on specific health conditions.

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Dipen Kalaria is Director, Internet Pharmacy Services at Pharmacy.ca.


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