Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership 17(3) July 2004 : 52-64.doi:10.12927/cjnl.2004.16231
Innovation in Leadership

University Health Network Framework for Advanced Nursing Practice: Development of a Comprehensive Conceptual Framework Describing the Multidimensional Contributions of Advanced Practice Nurses

Vaska Micevski, Lori Korkola, Sonia Sarkissian, Virginia Mulcahy, Cindy Shobbrook, Linda Belford and Lexie Kells


Background: The global paradigm shift resulting from radical transformations in knowledge and technology is significantly changing the context of healthcare delivery. In this changing environment, the contributions of health professions are vital in ensuring that the healthcare system adapts to meet the needs of today's patient. Advanced practice nurses (APNs) are clinical scholars and leaders in creating innovative approaches to patient care and organizational and professional leadership.
Aims: To develop a comprehensive conceptual framework for advanced nursing practice at University Health Network that will enhance role clarity by describing the complexity of these nursing roles and the significant contributions they make to patients and the healthcare system.

Methods: A critical review of the literature and a consultative process were undertaken to build consensus and develop a comprehensive framework for advanced nursing practice.

Results: The development of the University Health Network Framework for Advanced Nursing Practice (UHN-FANP), which clearly articulates all dimensions of advanced nursing practice roles.

Conclusion: As clinical leadership roles in nursing continue to evolve, utilization of a conceptual framework facilitates role clarity, role implementation and role evaluation.



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