Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership 16(4) December 2005 : 69-81.doi:10.12927/cjnl.2003.16232
Innovation in Leadership

Patient Safety to Frame and Reconcile Nursing Issues

Dyanne D. Affonso, Liane Jeffs, Diane Doran and Mary Ferguson-Paré


Canadian nursing leadership is called to advance a national patient safety agenda for the delivery of safe, quality care in professional practice environments. Yet, the nursing discipline is burdened by issues and challenges related to clinical practice and workplace dilemmas that contribute to barriers and obstacles to safe, quality and humane care. We propose that the many clinical challenges faced by nurses in Canada can be more fully understood when framed by a patient safety perspective. Nurse executive leaders and nurse scientists are called to reform clinical practice and conduct research to reconcile patient care safety issues. This paper applies findings obtained from nurses via focus groups led by the Academy of Canadian Executive Nurses (ACEN) and integrates these findings into a patient safety perspective via a conceptual framework.



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