Just for the record, I'm a mental health patient. I have been in and out of brain farms and nut hutz.

I am currently in an ER bed waiting for transfer to an institution for 48 hours and haven't been able to smoke. I totally understand the non smoking here in a medical hospital.

I requested a patch twice and haven't been given one. I am here against my will, and they are not giving me a nicotine replacement.

I am literally suffering here. They did allow me to have my laptop, it ease's the pains of the withdrawals. Yet you see what I am looking up on the net, nicotine and hospitals, so cigarettes are paramount.

I am in the Phoenix Az area. There is a single Mental Health Hospital that allows smoking at set times during the day.

That hospital is making more money for such a small hospital compared to the big boys. The hospital is "Racking" in the money hand over fist. There actual programing for drug addictions aren't that great, most all patients are re-treads, that go there because of the smoking policy.

I going there when a bed comes open, why would I spend my money at a hospital that will cause great mental and physical discomfort to me ?