ElectronicHealthcare 1(2) December 2001 : 51-51

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Making the most of uncertainty

Shape or adapt? For years, executives have regarded the question as perhaps their most fundamental strategic choice. Is it better to try to influence, or even determine, the outcome of crucial elements of an industry's structure and conduct? Or is the wiser course to scope out defensible positions? As globalization, digitization, and unfettered capital markets raise levels of uncertainty and rewrite definitions of opportunities and risks, this basic strategic choice has morphed into a more complex high-stakes problem.

The take-away

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for all companies in all situations. But by more thoroughly thinking through the level and nature of the residual uncertainty facing decision-makers, strategists can define feasible alternatives and make better-informed choices to shape or adapt.

. . . from the McKinsey Quarterly online. Go to: https://www.mckinseyquarterly.com/

E-Commerce Legislative Initiatives in Canada: Implications for Healthcare Institutions

Mary Caldbick

In Canada, healthcare e-commerce also appears to be poised to undergo a period of rapid expansion, which will undoubtedly be promoted by federal, provincial and territorial initiatives aimed at creating a legal infrastructure to facilitate e-commerce transactions. This article examines the key features of legislation currently in place or in the process of being adopted across Canada, and its implications for healthcare e-commerce in this country.

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