Submitted to the publisher requesting anonymity:

"Presenteeism in your latest e-letter is worse when you work in a hospital at least in my job working in a physician's office. I have come to work often when sick and no one ever comments that I should go home. When I do stay home eyebrows seem to be raised and I feel guilty. That could just be me though. I have a strong work ethic and feel that I am malingering if I stay home with a headache and sniffles yet that is when you're most contagious. We don't get replaced if we are sick and when we return to the job we have to work overtime to make up for the work that piled up during our absence. Some of us could work at home during a mild but contagious illness but it has never been offered. During the G20 summit we were ordered to be at work sick or not and we were not allowed to take a vacation day. As it turned out I had a terrible flu. I dragged myself to work and presented myself to my manager's office and asked if they wanted me to stay. They got the message but it was pretty ridiculous that I had to present myself to get paid. Anyway, health care workers have not gotten the message that they should stay home if they are sick except during very public flu outbreaks.