HealthcarePapers 1(4) September 2000 : 98-102.doi:10.12927/hcpap..17359

Bringing Healthcare Closer to Home: One Province's Approach to Home Care

Elizabeth Witmer


Ontario is implementing a number of steps to address the growing need for home care and continuing care. One of these steps is the establishment of Ontario's network of 43 Community Care Access Centres (CCACs). Responsible for aiding Ontario residents who seek community-based long-term healthcare, CCACs coordinate access to home services such as nursing and homemaking, manage placement to long-term care facilities and provide information and referral services.

In 2000/01 the Ontario government announced $92.5 million in new funding for long-term community services. This new funding includes $70.1 million for CCACs. During this time, the provincial government will spend more than $1.6 billion for longterm- care community-based services. Of this amount, $1.1 billion will go to CCACs. Community Care Access Centres served more than 400,000 people in 1998/99 and are estimated to serve more than 420,000 in 2000/01. The administrative funds saved by this province-wide system are reinvested in front-line health services.



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