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Nursing Leadership May 2005 : 0-0.doi:10.12927/cjnl.2005.17474

The Pulse of Renewal: A Focus on Nursing Human Resources


The Pulse of Renewal: A Focus on Nursing Human Resources is a report of work commissioned by Health Canada's Office of Nursing Policy and is focused on strategies for augmenting and enhancing nursing human resources. The research covers a diverse spectrum including: progress on implementing the 51 recommendations of the 2002 Canadian Nursing Advisory Committee; attrition from schools of nursing; the quality of nurses' work life; nursing utilization and human resource planning in hospitals; dissemination of best practice guidelines; and issues related to educational preparation, leadership and workforce objectives.

The six follow-up projects commissioned by the ONP had similar goals: to study one aspect of the nursing world, to effect change, to increase our knowledge about the healthcare system and, specifically, to show how nursing is positioned within the system. The work included the following studies:

  1. Progress to Date
  2. In the Beginning: Attrition from Schools of Nursing
  3. Work Life: A Dimension of Quality and Accreditation Standards
  4. Utilization: Implications for Nursing Human Resource Planning in Hospitals
  5. Best Practice Guidelines: Dissemination and Uptake across Canada

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Published as a special report by the Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership with the kind support of the Office of Nursing Policy, Health Canada


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