Dr. Uton Muchtar Rafei, Regional Director for South East Asia Region of the World Health Organization, expressed that health is a fundamental right and that this right can be used as an opportunity to strengthen development efforts. He advised equity in health should be ensured, while harnessing the remarkable breakthroughs in health technology.

The worldwide need to improve health, at a time of cost-containment, required a Public Health perspective. Public Health aims to develop health systems to deliver appropriate and holistic health to the population. [To view this article, please download the PDF.]

This session includes the following articles:

Opening Address at the Inauguration - Dr. Uton Muchtar Rafei

Inaugural Address - H.E. Justice Mr. Shyamal Kumar Sen

Address at the Inaugural Session - H.E. Mr. N.T. Shanmugam

Address at the Inaugural Session - Mr. Javed Chowdhury

Address at the Inaugural Session - Dr. S.P. Agarwal