World Health & Population

World Health & Population November -0001 : 0-0.doi:10.12927/whp..17596

Contraceptive Use in Matlab with a Special Focus on Condoms: Socio-economic Correlates and Future Implications

Monirul I. Khan and Radheshyam Bairagi


Although the use of condoms is important for fertility control and preventing AIDS, its use is surprisingly low in the developing countries. This paper investigated the socioeconomic correlates of contraceptive use with special reference to condoms in rural Bangladesh. Data for this study came from Matlab MCH-FP area where ICDDR,B has been providing comprehensive maternal and child health and family planing services for a population of 100,000 since 1977. Education and socioeconomic status were not related to contraceptive use, but were positively correlated to condom use. Development, particularly women's education and higher socioeconomic status, also seem important for increasing condom usage.
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