Healthcare Quarterly

Healthcare Quarterly 9(4) September 2006 : 66-74.doi:10.12927/hcq..18418
Ideas at Work

Evaluating Organizational Readiness for Change: A Preliminary Mixed-Model Assessment of an Interprofessional Rehabilitation Hospital

Moira W. Devereaux, Allison K. Drynan, Sara Lowry, Daniel MacLennan, Matya Figdor, Carol Fancott and Lynne Sinclair


We conducted a Functional Organizational Readiness for Change Evaluation (FORCE) to assess the characteristics of readiness for change across two programs (N=216 employees) in an interprofessional rehabilitation hospital that was about to undergo strategic changes as part of a planned physical merger within the next two years. The study used a mixed-method approach: a quantitative survey, previously validated in a drug rehabilitation setting, followed by key informant interviews to further enlighten survey findings. Statistical analyses identified correlations between demographic variables (age, education and experience) and readiness for change, as well as the prevalence of specific organizational characteristics (motivation for change, access to resources, staff attributes, organizational climate, and exposure/use of training opportunities) that facilitate or impede change. Findings were intended to better inform the tactics for successful implementation of upcoming initiatives. Much like assessing a patient prior to initiating a treatment, FORCE can serve as a management tool to direct the planning and implementation of changes intended to improve hospital performance.



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