Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership 20(1) March 2007 : 33-39.doi:10.12927/cjnl.2007.18783
Special Focus on Healthy Workplaces

Collaborating to Embrace Evidence-Informed Management Practices within Canada's Health System*

Wayne Strelioff, Mélanie Lavoie-Tremblay and Melissa Barton


In late 2005, 11 major national health organizations decided to work together to build healthier workplaces for healthcare providers. To do so, they created a pan-Canadian collaborative of 45 experts and asked them to develop an action strategy to improve healthcare workplaces. One of the first steps taken by members of the collaborative was to adopt the following shared belief statements to guide their thinking: "We believe it is unacceptable to fund, govern, manage, work in or receive care in an unhealthy health workplace," and, "A fundamental way to better healthcare is through healthier healthcare workplaces."

This commentary provides an overview of the Quality Worklife-Quality Healthcare Collaborative action strategy. This strategy embraces the thinking set out by the lead papers in a recent Special Issue of Healthcare Papers ( focused on developing healthy workplaces for healthcare workers, and brings to life evidence-informed management practices.



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