Law & Governance

Law & Governance 11(3) February 2007 : 26-38
Discussion and Debate

Data Protection and the Promotion of Health Research

Valerie Steeves


This paper challenges the argument that data protection legislation may harm research by unduly restricting the flow of personal health information. I unpack the assumption that privacy is an individual right that must give way to research as a social good, and explore how data protection laws facilitate the flow of information for research purposes. I conclude that researchers should embrace data protection laws because they help construct trust in research practices, mitigate the commercial imperatives that flow from the fact that research is a public-private enterprise and protect the accuracy of data. Good research design should recognize that privacy is a social value and an essential element of psychological health and social relationships. And since research databases do not exist in isolation, researchers must respect the fact that the non-consensual flow of information poses risks of harm, including the secondary use of health research databases for social control, that must be managed.

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