This paper describes and examines a change program for nursing services in Complex Continuing/Long Term Care (CC/LTC) at the Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care in Toronto. It presents a brief history of the rise of CC/LTC services and the difficulties associated with them. In particular it claims that demographic, professional and institutional changes have produced a differentiated specialization of supports which tend to disregard some necessary aspects of daily support for patients, and devalue the role of direct care workers in these settings. The "Reconnecting to Care" (RTC) initiative is a response the to these changes by nurses at Baycrest. In detailing why Baycrest has decided to get back to basics and reconnect to care and how it has begun to do this, this paper provides an overview of the reasons for this initiative, a little of how it has been implemented so far, and some initial lessons for nursing leaders and others.