Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership 14(3) September 2001 : 15-18.doi:10.12927/cjnl.2001.19126

"Thank you" Isn't Enough

Wendy Nicklin


The Dilemma: There is a major health care system dilemma related to the nursing situation within Canada. While the nursing profession and its value to health care is receiving increased attention, the pressure on governments and management to ensure health care efficiency and control cost escalation is directly contributing to the intolerable workload and stressful environment in which care is provided. The current instability, workload and environmental deficiencies are imbedded in the 'benchmarks' thus perpetuating the current unacceptable health care work environment within which the professionals work. In this article, some of the current anomalies are outlined with a view to encouraging and perhaps, provoking discussion.

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