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50 Best Workplaces in Canada - 2008


The results of the 2008 Great Place to Work Institute surveys are in.
And the winners are...

D.L.G.L. (software)
Environics Communications (communications)
Nycomed Canada (pharmaceuticals)
... the complete listing of all 50 winners is available in the report!

It's Monday morning. Were you excited to come to work today?

When the employees at these organizations were asked if they look forward to coming into work 84% said yes! By comparison, only 34% of respondents answered favorably to a related question in a national workforce survey.

Organizations on this year's list were all assessed using an employee survey, the Trust Index©, developed by global research firm Great Place to Work® Institute (GPTW).

While there is no single right way to become a great place to work, there are five trust-building dimensions commonly found in all the best workplaces: credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie.

What's so special about these companies?

They have implemented a variety of unique people practices, many of which are described in today's report. Examples include:

- Retention Interviews: smart firms aren't waiting for the exit interview to solicit feedback about what's working well and what could be better.
- Peer to Peer Recognition: some organizations have built a culture of "thanks" that encourages employees to acknowledge each other for excellent work.
- Inspiring Physical Spaces: to inspire a sense of community, one company actually developed their rooftop space as an apiary (a place to keep bees).
- Going Green: find out who put their money where their mouth is - one of this year's winners has committed to becoming carbon neutral by this summer.
- Adoption Support: several companies now offer financial assistance to employees seeking to adopt - one as much as $15,000 per child.

But it's more than just "perks"...

Each of these organizations has discovered that TRUST is the foundation for quality jobs and performance excellence. And the good news is that high-trust relationships require behaviours that can be learned and embedded into any organization's culture.

To learn more click here to download a PDF of the 2008 Best Workplaces in Canada feature.


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