ElectronicHealthcare 7(1) May 2008

A National Education Strategy to Develop Nursing Informatics Competencies

Marilynne Hebert


Originally published in Nursing Leadership (CJNL) 13(2) 2000: 11-14.

Advances in the sophistication of information and communication technologies offer nursing practitioners opportunities for better information management, more complete documentation of their work and knowledge development to support evidence-based nursing practice. However, a nursing culture that recognizes and adopts the contributions of technology to practice is required to take advantage of these opportunities. The nature of this change suggests a shift in emphasis from specialists in Nursing Informatics (NI) to NI being integrated into all four domains of nursing practice. The magnitude of change required on individual, organizational and professional levels points to the need for Nursing Informatics education strategies on a national level. Recognizing the role and history of NI specialists, defining NI and the required NI competencies are necessary first steps in developing such a plan. Expanding and adapting the educational infrastructure required to support this initiative follows. A working committee at the national level with representatives from a number of stakeholder groups is currently working on a National Nursing Informatics Project to address these issues. This article summarizes key points of an initial discussion paper.



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