Law & Governance

Law & Governance 4(4) November 2008 : 46-58
Discussion and Debate

"Mind the Gap": Seven Key Issues in Aligning Medical Education and Healthcare Policy

Joanna Bates, Chris Lovato and Terri Buller-Taylor


[This article was originally published in Healthcare Policy, Volume 4, Number 2.]

To ensure an adequate supply of physicians for the future, Canadian faculties of medicine have been expanding and modifying physician training at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels with the intention of producing more physicians and addressing long-standing challenges in the Canadian physician workforce. While these medical education initiatives may partly address these goals, the lack of alignment between health services policy and education policy may well lead to failures and disappointing results. The authors argue that changes in related healthcare policy are required both to support the intended outcomes and to sustain innovations in medical education. From their perspective as medical educators, the authors describe seven key gaps in this alignment, identify those who are in a position to address them and call for ongoing opportunities to identify, discuss and address alignment of policy with other initiatives at the national and provincial levels.



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