ElectronicHealthcare 1(1) May 2001 : 55-55

Barb Alexander's Favourite Web Sites

Barb Alexander, Regional Sales Manager, Microsoft Canada, British Columbia was responsible for managing Microsoft's healthcare business across the country before her CEO catapulted her into a larger role in BC. Healthcare's loss and BC's gain. You can reach her at barbaraa@microsoft.com

https://ca.msn.com/ This is my default browser. I go here every day for top news stories, stock quotes, horoscope, and phone number look up. What is nice about the phone number look up is it will synchronize the contact information into Outlook for future reference. Under Lifestyle there is a special women's section and various interest groups. Good postal code look ups. For health, there is clinical reference search and articles. Launches to MSNBC for Hollywood and sports. I have personalized this for my frequent look-ups such as stocks.

https://www.ask.com/ Ask Jeeves is an English query search engine that will categorize your answers very nicely and allows you to post you question to specific experts. They have a kids area too. I find it fast and the way that it categorizes the information with quick drop down pick lists is quite different from other search engines. I always find a web site faster using this service. If you have time... you can just search by category and see where you go...

Use your computer to listen to the radio. There are 1,000s of radio stations around the world that put their programming on-line. You will need any of these free applications: Windows Media Player, or Real Media, or Apple QuickTime. Works okay with a 28.8 Kbps modem, but, faster connections are much better. National Public Radio hourly news is a 24 hour radio https://www.npr.com. Select your category of music at Go to Ask Jeeves and ask "Where can I search for online radio stations according to (type of music, artist, country, language, etc.)" A great way to experience new music. https://www.live365.com, for example, is music, news, comedy, etc. I personally like donfx jazz. Leave this playing while you open a second internet browser session and explore the internet.

https://www.mybc.com/ Since I live in beautiful British Columbia I use this site for local weather, news stories, and updates on the election campaign, yellow pages, ski conditions, kids activities, maps and directions. Since I am new to BC I use this often for street maps and directions. I can enter my starting destination and ending destination and get clear written directions as well as a map. I have personalized this site for my favourite requests.

https://www.classmates.com A fun way to find out where your classmates are and what they are doing today. You register yourself and can find email for people you can't even remember you knew. It is really fun. Something only available on the Net!


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