Law & Governance

Law & Governance 9(5) October 2009 : 41-46

Adding Value While Saving Dollars: Unleashing the Potential of a National, Integrated Approach to Home and Community Care

Teresa Petch and Judith Shamian


[This article was originally published in Healthcare Policy / Politiques de Santé, Volume 5, Number 1.]

This commentary by Victorian Order of Nurses Canada, written in response to "Getting What We Pay For? The Value-for-Money Challenge," by McGrail, Zierler and Ip, answers four key questions about Canada's home and community care sector: (1) What are our objectives? (2) Where do we achieve good value now? (3) Where and why are we failing? and (4) What will help us do better? We conclude that although the home and community care sector offers great promise in meeting the evolving health and social needs of Canadians, it is not living up to its potential. We propose the development of a national, integrated approach to home and community care to help Canadians remain healthy and independent in their homes. This would represent a wise financial investment for governments and would contribute to the long-term health of Canadians.



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