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White Papers October 2010

HealthCast: The customization of prevention, diagnosis, care and cure

With Canada’s healthcare system shouldering more pressure, the benefits of disease prevention have never been so obvious. To help ease the strain and give Canadians better access to healthcare, the current system needs to change. Research from PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Health Research Institute (HRI) HealthCast survey uncovered a way to aid the transformation process: health organizations must proactively understand and support individuals with managing their own health.

The report reveals six recommendations to help drive the shift to customized care:

  1. Incentive development for improved health outcomes
  2. Regulatory reforms to enable competition and innovation
  3. Funding reform for better care coordination
  4. Patient communication that supports shared decision making
  5. Workforce models that allow greater flexibility
  6. Electronic medical records (EMRs) and information technology (IT) that ease collaboration and customization

These recommendations help organizations engage patients before, during and after they are ill or injured. They also force health systems to integrate people, technologies and organizations that aren’t part of their current routines.

PwC’s HRI HealthCast report provides insight from 3,500 consumers including 500 Canadians and 590 global health leaders, 35 Canadian experts and 50 health leaders. Interviews included executives from 50 countries in government, hospital systems, the insurance, and pharma and life sciences industries, physician groups and technology firms. Our Canadian compendium complements the global report with a summary of highlights from health leaders and consumers, and an overview of the challenges, strengths and opportunities of Canada’s healthcare system.


Download the PDF here.


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