ElectronicHealthcare 10(3) January 2012 : e10-e14

The Development and Change Management Strategy of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre's MyChart™*

Kevin Chung, Sarina Cheng, Kurt Rose, Sam Marafioti and Kevin J. Leonard


The e-Health environment has focused primarily, to date, on enabling clinicians; patients and families, on the other hand, have not been the target of focus. Across the globe, there has been mixed success in the patient-focused e-Health marketplace – including a few high-profile failures. Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre's personal health record (PHR) MyChart™ is a true Canadian success story in patient-focused e-Health. This paper describes the development, history and change management strategy utilized in establishing a successful patient-focused e-Health solution in a Canadian setting. Our ultimate goal is to not only share the lessons learned in developing and implementing MyChart™ but also to measure and investigate the connection between patient-focused e-Health solutions and health outcomes.



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