Healthcare Quarterly

Healthcare Quarterly 15(1) February 2012 : 59-63.doi:10.12927/hcq.2012.22764
Health Human Resources

Annual Performance Appraisal: One Organization's Process and Retrospective Analysis of Outcomes

E. Lynne Geddes and Caroline Gill


Performance assessment of personnel is an important component of an organization's quality management program, benefiting the organization, individuals and clients. Performance appraisal is the most common method. This article describes the three-part performance appraisal tool used at the authors' organization, a private inter-professional healthcare agency providing rehabilitation services to clients in the community, and presents the results of a retrospective analysis of the outcomes. Performance appraisals of 13 personnel were randomly selected, representing 39 chart audits and 25 joint client visits. The achievement of mandatory chart audit standards demonstrated 95 ± 7.2% compliance; expected standards showed 96 ± 3.3% compliance. Qualitative findings from the joint visits and interviews showed that therapists enjoyed the process and experience, valued the feedback and appreciated the support they received. Benefits and challenges of the process were identified, resulting in new initiatives being implemented. The authors confirmed that the tool achieves its intended purpose and is relevant in the home care setting.



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