Insights December 2012

The Recession is Alive and Well. A Publisher's Note

It’s December 2012 and I just learned that a loyal supporter of all things Longwoods isn’t advertising any more. Ouch. On asking a few more questions I find out that the company still supports us but it will be more strategic. Having heard that, I did a general search of some of the large innovators in the information, technology and pharma worlds. I’ll be darned. The recession is alive and well. Many companies are still reducing their work forces and promoting much less – if any. And publicly announcing it. I assume that is to assure shareholders and customers of their prudent management practices. The banks agree. RBC confirmed today that we should be cautious: “the GDP report indicated a marked slowing in economic growth in Canada to a minimal rate of increase in the third quarter of 2012. Some of this weakening resulted from temporary factors that are expected to reverse in the next quarter although growth is likely still to remain modest with a growth rate of less than 2%.” I like this; after all this forecasts a growth rate. I’m buoyed. In a free world competition abounds and information is a powerful tool. And so Longwoods responds to the challenge. We can be creative about it too. Rest assured, Bob Evans, that industry won’t and can’t influence our sacrosanct editors. On the other hand both the private and public sectors are welcome to share with us their research, their innovations, their talents and their interest in creating things that are better, faster, cheaper and . . . available. So here’s an open call. If you have ideas, products, services and improvements to enhance our healthcare system, call us. We will work with you. Should we doubt you, we will, of course, exercise due diligence. It is just good business.

And while I have your attention: our readership keeps growing and out paces any other journal serving our sector. There is always turmoil at federal and provincial and local levels; there will always be pundits providing their analysis and there will always be good research and analysis to provide new ideas, policies and practices. We will share all of this with you. Ross Baker, Jennifer Zelmer, Lynn Nagle and sometimes Steven Lewis provide outstanding editorial supervision overseeing the brightest minds in the nation. We are indebted to their insight and editorial contributions. Welcome to another year.

Welcome to 2013.

Anton Hart 


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