Healthcare Quarterly

Healthcare Quarterly 16(1) January 2013 : 47-52.doi:10.12927/hcq.2013.23239
Primary Care

Facilitating Specialist to Primary Care Transfer with Tools for Transition: A Quality of Care Improvement Initiative for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Julie Maranger, Janine Malcolm, Clare Liddy, Sheryl Izzi, Sharon Brez, Kerri LaBrecque, Kerri Taljaard, Robert Reid, Erin Keely and Teik Chye Ooi


The epidemic of diabetes has increased pressure on the whole spectrum of the healthcare system including specialist centres. The authors' own specialist centre at The Ottawa Hospital has 20,000 annual visits for diabetes, 80% of which are follow-up visits. Since it is a tertiary facility, managers, administrators and clinicians would like to increase their ability to see newly referred patients and decrease the number of follow-up visits. In order to discharge appropriate diabetes patients, the authors decided it was essential to strengthen the transition process to decrease both the pressure on the centre and the risk for discontinuity of diabetes care after discharge.



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