Law & Governance

Law & Governance 16(5) April 2013
Quality Improvement

Leadership, a Central Ingredient for a Successful Quality Agenda: A Qualitative Study of Canadian Leaders' Perspectives

Deborah E. White, Karen Jackson and Jill M. Norris


[This article was originally published in Healthcare Quarterly, 16(1)]

Quality and safety (QS) teams have emerged as one strategy to improve the quality of care and safety. This article aims to enhance understanding of, and identify implications for, leaders in implementing successful QS teams. Research findings from the authors' study that explored barriers and facilitators of Canadian QS teams highlight the need for delineated leadership and accountability, focused strategic plans, available data, dedicated resources and targeted messaging to engage staff and physicians. While top-down leadership strategies were predominantly reported, developing leaders at all organizational levels was acknowledged as key to sustaining a quality culture and advancing the quality agenda.



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