Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership 26(3) September 2013 : 39-52.doi:10.12927/cjnl.2013.23551
Nursing Research

Enablers and Barriers to Implementing Bedside Reporting: Insights from Nurses

Lianne Jeffs, Roberta Cardoso, Susan Beswick, Ashley Acott, Elisa Simpson, Heather Campbell, Joyce Lo and Ella Ferris


As part of efforts to improve patient safety, quality of care and patient- and family-centred care, there is a growing interest in moving away from traditional taped nursing reports or reporting at the nursing station to reporting at the bedside. Although a body of knowledge exists regarding what nurses view as benefits and challenges experienced in nurse-to-nurse bedside reporting, less is known about the perceptions of nurses who have experienced this change in reporting practice on their unit. In this context, a qualitative study using semi-structured interviews was undertaken to explore nurses' perceptions of a newly implemented nurse-to-nurse bedside reporting practice at one acute care hospital. A total of 43 interviews were conducted on four units with seven nurses from respirology, 10 from obstetrics and gynecology, 10 from nephrology and 16 from general surgery. Data were analyzed using a directed content analysis approach. Three themes emerged that captured nurses' perceptions of the implementation of nurse-to-nurse bedside reporting: (a) being supported to change and embrace bedside reporting, (b) maintaining confidentiality and respecting patients' preferences and (c) experiencing challenges with bedside reporting. Our findings provide insight for other organizations in their efforts to change reporting practices. Specifically, there is a need for multi-pronged initiatives including leadership support, educational opportunities and ongoing monitoring and feedback mechanisms. Future research is required to examine how enablers can be leveraged and barriers mitigated or removed to ensure successful implementation and sustainability of nurse-to-nurse bedside reporting.



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