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White Papers October 2014

The Ontario Senior Friendly Hospital (SFH) Strategy

In 2010, the Ontario Senior Friendly Hospital (SFH) Strategy was launched under the leadership of the fourteen Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) and supported by the Regional Geriatric Programs of Ontario. Its ongoing vision is to improve the quality of hospital care for frail older adults so that they can maintain optimal health and function while in hospital, supporting a safe and durable transition to community living.

An environmental scan of the province’s hospitals identified promising practices across Ontario and also led to the identification of hospital-acquired delirium and functional decline as priority clinical areas for system-wide improvement. Further collaboration across the province led to the generation of an online toolkit (www.seniorfriendlyhospitals.ca) and the identification of four proposed SFH indicators for the monitoring of clinical practice addressing delirium and functional decline.

An evaluation of the SFH indicators was coordinated by the Regional Geriatric Program of Toronto, involving 44 hospital organizations in 10 LHINs. This evaluation had the following objectives:

  1. To determine the feasibility of implementing and sustaining the indicators (including the clinical, data collecting, and data reporting processes involved in doing so).
  2. To determine the value of implementing the indicators to drive improvements in patient care processes.
  3. To identify key success factors and challenges involved in the implementation of the indicators.

Please find the Report and Recommendations of the Senior Friendly Hospital Indicators Evaluation Working Group at https://seniorfriendlyhospitals.ca/sites/default/files/SFH%20Indicators%20Evaluation%20Report%20Final.pdf 


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