Another blame the patients and dumb Canadians who just can't seem to get over their expectations that they actually deserve at least half the healthcare system that they have paid for in their taxes. While healthcare providers soaked Canadians for almost all of the increased expenditures over this past decade, there is no suggestion that we claw-back some of their money. As for our governments, their short-term view of the world does not enable them to have the political courage to remove money from lower priorities, to priorities that reflect population needs. Who is going to remove the 30% of expenditures in healthcare that add nothing to the health status of the population? Why are the voices we always hear from so pro-government/anti-public interest? Stop blaming taxpayers and patients for the greed of providers and the incompetence of our public servants and their political masters. Canadians will continue to pay Cadillac taxes and would be so much happier if they actually had access to Chevy services. Just speak with people with family members who are dying, never really used the health system that they paid for and are now seeking even some half-decent tricycle-level services for palliative care.