Healthcare Quarterly

Healthcare Quarterly 18(3) October 2015 : 61-68.doi:10.12927/hcq.2015.24430
Security Metrics

Developing a Security Metrics Scorecard for Healthcare Organizations

Heba Elrefaey, Elizabeth Borycki and Andrea Kushniruk


In healthcare, information security is a key aspect of protecting a patient's privacy and ensuring systems availability to support patient care. Security managers need to measure the performance of security systems and this can be achieved by using evidence-based metrics. In this paper, we describe the development of an evidence-based security metrics scorecard specific to healthcare organizations. Study participants were asked to comment on the usability and usefulness of a prototype of a security metrics scorecard that was developed based on current research in the area of general security metrics. Study findings revealed that scorecards need to be customized for the healthcare setting in order for the security information to be useful and usable in healthcare organizations. The study findings resulted in the development of a security metrics scorecard that matches the healthcare security experts' information requirements.



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