ElectronicHealthcare August 2016
Looking Ahead

Informatics and Nursing in a Post-Nursing Informatics World: Future Directions for Nurses in an Automated, Artificially-Intelligent, Social-Networked Healthcare Environment

Richard G. Booth


[This review was originally published in Nursing Leadership, 28(4)]

The increased adoption and use of technology within healthcare and society has influenced the nursing informatics specialty in a multitude of fashions. Namely, the nursing informatics specialty currently faces a range of important decisions related to its knowledge base, established values and future directions – all of which are in need of development and future-proofing. In light of the increased use of automation, artificial intelligence and big data in healthcare, the specialty must also reconceptualize the roles of both nurses and informaticians to ensure that the nursing profession is ready to operate within future digitalized healthcare ecosystems. To explore these goals, the author of this manuscript outlines an examination of technological advancements currently taking place within healthcare, and also proposes implications for the nursing role and the nursing informatics specialty. Finally, recommendations and insights towards how the roles of nurses and informaticians might evolve or be shaped in the growing post-nursing informatics era are presented.



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