Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership 32(2) June 2019 : 85-101.doi:10.12927/cjnl.2019.25959
Special Focus On Nursing And Digital Health

Role and Strategies that Managers can Apply to Support Point-of-Care Nurses’ Use and Adoption of Health Information Technology: A Scoping Review

Zohra Surani, Matthew John, Ana Laura Solano López, Victor Gbenro, Linda Slodan and Gillian Strudwick


Nurse managers play a significant role in the way care is provided by point-of-care nurses. Yet it is unclear what role nurse managers have in supporting nurses in using health information technologies (ITs) specifically. The objectives of this article are to (1) uncover the role of nurse managers in supporting point-of-care nurses to optimally use health ITs and (2) identify strategies that nurse managers can employ to support point-of-care nurses in using these technologies. A scoping review methodology was used, which resulted in the inclusion of 10 relevant articles. Concerning the role of the nurse manager, four themes were identified: (1) decision making, (2) implementation planning, (3) supporting staff and (4) evaluation. With regard to strategies to support the use of health ITs, two themes were identified: (1) strategies that prepare nurse leaders in their role of supporting point-of-care staff in using health ITs and (2) strategies that directly support point-of-care staff in using health ITs. The results of this review will be of interest to nurse leaders, informatics researchers and nurse informaticians.



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