Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership 32(2) June 2019 : 31-45.doi:10.12927/cjnl.2019.25963
Special Focus On Nursing And Digital Health

Advocating for Safe, Quality and Just Care: What Nursing Leaders Need to Know about Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Delivery

Tracie L. Risling and Cydney Low


The rapid integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into healthcare delivery has not only provided a glimpse into an enhanced digital future but also raised significant concerns about the social and ethical implications of this evolution. Nursing leaders have a critical role to play in advocating for the just and effective use of AI health solutions. To fulfill this responsibility, nurses need information on the widespread reach of AI and, perhaps more importantly, how the development, deployment and evaluation of these technologies can be influenced.

This article includes the results of a scoping review on the use of AI in healthcare delivery, with a particular focus on aspects of care essential in nursing practice, including systems management and medication administration. The review was conducted using an updated Arskey and O'Malley framework, and the findings are reported in alignment with key nursing leadership functions outlined by the Canadian Nurses Association. This examination of AI in healthcare delivery has revealed very little nursing consultation in relation to the use and potential implications of AI integration. However, nurses are uniquely positioned to aid in the ethical and effective implementation of this technology, as noted in a discussion of current AI strengths and challenges. Several ways in which nursing leaders can amplify the voice of the profession as well as represent patient needs in this technological evolution are also highlighted. The article concludes with a look ahead to a digitally diverse healthcare landscape detailing nursing roles to support a future that delivers on the current promises and aspirations touted in AI science.



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