1. This article while focusing its attention on Canada is equally applicable in most other countries – just substitute provinces and regions with states and counties in the US or similar jurisdictions throughout Europe. The issue is the parochialism of our institutions when confronted with national emergencies. It was as if each province and municipality went to war individually rather than national armies stood up to fight a mortal enemy. We need a strong national entity to fight insidious threats such as COVID. Unfortunately, our systems are not equipped with such organizations.
2. Evidence has shown across Canada that collaboration among healthcare systems leads to better infrastructure and service delivery. Clinical support functions such as supply chain management and information technology platforms, when developed and managed for multiple healthcare systems create scale and capability that is unavailable to any single system operating on its own. This leads to better healthcare delivery and lower risks to patients and staff. Shared services organizations across Canada have ably demonstrated these benefits. However, multiple approaches to such collaboration have been tried with some more effective than others. More work is needed. Governments and other institutions need to establish the best practices and governance models for such collaboration within the context of national wars to fight pandemics.