The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for Canada’s healthcare systems and supply chains across all industries globally. Similarly, medical technology companies have not been immune to these challenges. BD, one of Canada’s top suppliers to hospitals and other healthcare facilities, is working diligently to mitigate these challenges so healthcare providers can continue to deliver uninterrupted patient care. 

BD is taking action to help address the medical technology demand surge and market dynamics by investing $1 billion in our global manufacturing capacity and nearly $150M in sterilization capabilities. In key critical product categories such as blood collection tubes, BD has taken action to maximize production – for example, worldwide our company has produced nearly 500 million additional blood tubes in 2021 versus 2020, and we will produce even more over the next 12 months. Our top priority is meeting the needs of patients by ensuring our customers have continued access to the most critical medical technology. To meet this goal, we have shifted specific production away from lower priority medical technology products to increase capacity for the highest demand products, and to help improve lead times and supply; we have been streamlining our portfolio for greater consistency, quality and efficiency.  

As we navigate through these challenges, we continue to work closely with health system leaders, suppliers, transportation providers and the Canadian federal and provincial governments to minimize the impact of these unprecedented supply chain issues. 

For our partners, we will continue to provide regular updates to ensure you are being kept aware of any key developments. As a result of our investments, and the systems and processes we have put in place, we are confident we will emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic with you stronger, together.  

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About the Author

Ivy Parks, President, BD-Canada