This paper demonstrated that the high focus on finance at the board did not help improve financial performance and could be more related to the board mix than organizational needs. E.g. the experience that board members bring to the table drives increased financial focus at the board. An additional review has been done to examine that possibility.
Of the 36 hospitals in that previous study, 24 include board Bios on their website. Analysis of the Bios and Minutes confirms a strong relationship between board mix and the board focus on Finance (p<0.014 and R^2 of 0.48). Specifically, a board’s focus on finance increases as more financial skills are added to the board. This is not unexpected but reinforces the idea that boards should look at their membership mix carefully and take a results-based approach to membership. More work is being done, and I hope to publish a paper analyzing the board skill mix and its relationship to board focus and outcomes in the future.