Healthcare Policy

Healthcare Policy 18(3) February 2023 : 47-59.doi:10.12927/hcpol.2023.27035
Research Paper

How Engaged in Legal Planning for Incapacity and Death Are Canadians? A Mixed-Methods Survey

Ariane Plaisance, Jessie Stilson, Aurore Benadiba and Daren K. Heyland


Background: This study aimed to measure the level of involvement of Canadians in preparing for incapacity and death and to explore facilitators and barriers.

Method: The authors used an online survey based on the social cognitive theory and the Stages of Change model.

Results: One-hundred and forty-eight participants took part. The main facilitators were avoiding burdening others and reducing conflicts. Some respondents thought legal planning did not apply to young and healthy people. Some did not trust lawyers.

Conclusion: The authors suggest that more people would trust lawyers if they knew the limits of legal documents and if they worked with medical experts.



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