HealthcarePapers 21(2) April 2023 : 48-50.doi:10.12927/hcpap.2023.27105

Call Individuals to Action

Kimberly D. Fairman


This commentary calls on individuals, researchers and leaders to reconsider the sustained and ongoing impact of colonialism with respect to our individual commitment to relationships in a context where policy alone will not address the issues we face. The author intends to recognize people's individual power and accountability in their relationship with Indigenous Peoples and describes how relationships, in the end, will drive the change that is needed. The author raises the need for distinctions-based legislation to carry and convey the intention for change. Individuals empowered by the legislation are urged to use their personal leadership to address racist policies and services. This paper is a call to make the commitment to being in relationship with Indigenous People and using levers within their scope of practice to address discrimination and racism against Indigenous Peoples in healthcare.



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