HealthcarePapers 21(2) April 2023 : 28-34.doi:10.12927/hcpap.2023.27108

Action, Accountability and Transparency for Indigenous Health Systems Safety*

Richard T. Oster, Pamela Roach, Fiona Clement, Esther Tailfeathers, Bonnie Healy, Lori Meckelborg, Joanna Gladue and Patrick McLane


Anti-Indigenous racism is prevalent in Canada, especially within healthcare systems. Consequences are catastrophic, including deaths of Indigenous patients. Systems change and critical education guided by the Indigenous Peoples and research into how racism operates within healthcare settings are needed. In Alberta, promising initiatives are under way, including a First Nations-led initiative identifying racism and colonialism as key health determinants, novel experiential education, transformative education for senior health leaders and reframing health system measures to reflect Indigenous Peoples' perspectives. The time is now for comprehensive action toward eliminating racism within healthcare systems and fostering Indigenous health systems safety. Indigenous lives depend on it.



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