HealthcarePapers 21(2) April 2023 : 13-19.doi:10.12927/hcpap.2023.27110

Less Talk, More Action: Strategies to Mitigate Inequities Experienced by Indigenous Peoples in the Healthcare System

Annette J. Browne


Healthcare policy and decision makers in Canada have the power to address the persistent inequities experienced by Indigenous Peoples. Bold, immediate actions are necessary to address the varying manifestations of systemic racism, the ongoing denial of racism and the negative impacts on access to care and health outcomes. The perspectives presented in this issue of HealthcarePapers highlight a clear imperative: much more must be done at multiple levels to make healthcare systems safer for Indigenous Peoples. The actions discussed in this introductory paper reflect key, evidence-informed strategies to guide healthcare policy and decision makers in Canada and, potentially, other jurisdictions.



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