Healthcare Quarterly

Healthcare Quarterly 26(3) October 2023 : 37-42.doi:10.12927/hcq.2023.27216
Leadership Insights From The Pandemic

Inspiring Leadership: How a Community Hospital Is Tackling Healthcare’s Most Difficult Problems

Daniel P. Edgcumbe, Krista Ieraci, Elaine Do Rosario and Michele Leroux


In the spring of 2022 – at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic – Halton Healthcare, a large community hospital corporation in southern Ontario, launched a brand-new leadership development program called “Inspiring Leadership” to support its workforce. Just one year later, the program is having a profound positive impact on the workforce with enhanced engagement and reduced turnover. By investging in people development, organizations can create a compelling employee value proposition, foster cross-continuum partnerships through Ontario Health Teams and community affiliates and, ultimately, advance their strategic objectives. In this article, we will describe the development of this unique program, its evaluation and its impact, with the intent of sharing this learning with other organizations so that they too might realize these benefits.



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