Healthcare Policy

Healthcare Policy 19(3 (Pre-release)) November 2023 .doi:10.12927/hcpol.2023.27239

Healthcare Service Utilisation and Perceived Gaps: The Experience of French-Speaking 2S/LGBTQI+ People in Manitoba

Danielle de Moissac, Kevin Prada, Ndeye Rokhaya Gueye, Jacqueline Avanthay-Strus and Stephan Hardy


Ethnolinguistically diverse 2S/LGBTQI+ populations have unique healthcare needs and experience health inequities compared to their cisgender/heterosexual peers. This community-based participatory study sought to describe the profile and healthcare needs and experiences of official language minority French-speaking 2S/LGBTQI+ adults in Manitoba. Participants (N = 80) reported that gender and sexual identity were often concealed from service providers; many respondents faced discrimination based on their ethnolinguistic and sexual identities. Service gaps are identified pertaining to mental and sexual health; locating 2S/LGBTQI+-friendly, patient-centered care in French is difficult. Policy and practice should address systemic inequity and discrimination experienced by this equity-seeking population. 



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