Healthcare Policy

Healthcare Policy 19(3 (Pre-release)) February 2024 .doi:10.12927/hcpol.2024.27285

Pricing Cataract (and Other Straightforward) Surgeries: A Policy Perspective to Build Capacity, Value and Innovation

Will Falk

Aligning with Crump et al.'s (2024) conclusions on cataract surgery, this article champions a level playing field for expanding surgical capacities for straightforward surgeries. It is agnostic towards for-profit or not-for-profit models. It argues for experimenting with new ambulatory facilities to meet urgent needs, emphasizing Ontario's successful two-decade experience with models like the Kensington Eye Institute. The discussion advances a three-tiered pricing framework, advocating for transparent, structured pricing to reduce wait times and improve public health outcomes. This approach seeks to balance annual commitments, quarterly adjustments, and spot market needs, promoting innovation, cost-efficiency, and quality care.



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