Healthcare Policy

Healthcare Policy 19(4) May 2024 .doi:10.12927/hcpol.2024.27333

Reasons Explaining High Emergency Departments Use Among Patients With Common Mental Disorders or Substance-Related Disorders

Karine-Michele Dion, Francine Ferland, Lambert Farand, Lise Gauvin and Marie-Josée Fleury


AIMS: Study examined reasons for high emergency department (ED) use among patient with common mental disorders (MD), substance-related disorders (SRD) or co-occurring MD-SRD.

METHOD: Following content analysis, 42 high ED users (3+ visits/year), recruited in two Quebec (Canada) ED were interviewed.

RESULTS: Reasons included barriers to outpatient care, patient disabilities, and professional practices. Patients with SRD trust outpatient services less, those with MD had important unmet needs, while those with MD-SRD faced care coordination issues.

CONCLUSION: Improvements are needed in ED and outpatient services to enhance access and continuity of care: ED use monitoring, consolidating MD-SRD practices and continuous training.



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